December 26, 2010

New home: Kazakhstan

After wonderful 3 years and 8 months spent in majestic Prague, I moved to Kyrgyzstan at the end of June.

In Kyrgyzstan things didn't go as I planned and wanted, thus I decided to change the environment and move to Kazakhstan at the end of October. Now I am based in the biggest city of KZ - Almaty. Ex-capital of Kazakhstan has turned into a regional business hub and has a lot of business and career opportunities. It's one of the most expensive cities in the region as well. Here I started for a job in a telecom company and looking forward to spend few more years in this company and country. Kazakh people and culture has lots of similarities with Kyrgyz people, and I've been to Almaty many times before. Thus had no trouble in adapting into this environment. I plan to keep this blog alive and post more interesting posts about this less-known region of Central Asia. For me it is a unique experience of re-exploring the beauties of the home region, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan in particular, re-adapting back to the own society and reverse culture shocks, and starting a fresh new life after the tough year I am leaving behind.

You leave old friends and old homes, to find new ones. I hope and believe that this new chapter in my life will bring lots of interesting encounters, people and events along my way. My Prague memories, friends, experience will take its deserved place inside my heart, in the same way as my life spent in Turkey, Singapore and Taiwan. Looking forward.

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