June 03, 2010

facing the wall, scratching my head

Only half of the month left till another big step into new life. I missed it actually. Anticipation of a change, new challenge, new adventures, new encounters. This time it is my own home country. Yet it feels like, and in fact, it is a new environment for me. Having never worked there or spent my mature years, in 12 years abroad I became a different person. Thus adaptability is a real question here. What makes it even more challenging is the new responsibilities and expectations that I will be thrown into. There was a big decision and it was made some time ago. Leaving comfortable life and job in Europe, I'll be going to a much challenging one in a real challenging and new environment (take semi-stable political situation in Kyrgyzstan to begin with). People around wonder why take such a risk, why Kyrgyzstan, why now... I guess I'm just following my inner voice.

These days while sleeping in my living room couch, stuff half-packed in the bags and boxes, my mind wonders in between. So much to prepare and study for the new job, yet

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