January 23, 2009

Last Christmas in pictures

I will not get much into details of how Christmas festive time is celebrated in Prague, etc. You can get the idea from the pictures below. Old Town Square is the most happening place with Christmas Market, giant Christmas tree and a stage for festive performances. I guess it is more or less similar to other European cities (I personally witnessed similar atmosphere in Berlin and Budapest). My brief post about it from a year ago is here.

Myself didn't celebrate it in a special way or something. But to keep the tradition going, I bought a carp (freshwater fish, served as a traditional dish in Christmas evening in Eastern Europe). Having no idea how to make soup from it or barely standing its smell, I packed it into my freezer. Venera came over to Prague from Berlin for couple of days, so she fried that carp nicely on the pan :). But I am still keeping its head in the freezer to make a carp soup (need to find recipe). So it was calm period for me, just chilling at home, watching some movies from my 250+ movie collection, and showing around to Venera on couple of occasions. Besides I took some time to work over the planning of my soon-to-be-launched project.

p.s. I like taking pictures of the places I go and things I do. My trips are unimaginable without my camera (nothing fancy, typical touristy Sony Cybershot camera), and I don't get fulfilled from my trips/explorations if I don't document everything interesting I've seen in pictures. And recently, I enjoy editing some of the photos I took with HDR (High Density Resolution) software, and try to convert my ordinary pictures into more colorful and expressive pictures that you see on magazines or postcards.

Moreover, if you want to share and promote your photos on flickr, then there are various methods and tools for that. Flickr itself offers photostream views, but that's not the most user-friendly way of viewing the photos. And in order to post a photo from flickr to your blog, you need to send the photo to your blog as a a new blog entry. However, flickr offers developers access to its API, and that brings to the collection of Great Flickr Tools. The slide show from my Christmas 2009 photos were created using one such tool - PictoBrowser. Another way to view the photos in the browser is via flickriver.

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+++ Check my travel photo sets at aibek_dunaev's Photo Sets on Flickriver


Blogger Tamara said...

если в твоем холодильнике все еще хранится та "carp head", то из нее можно приготовить что-нибудь стоящее. мне понравился рецепт ухи по-японски:

морепродукты (морской коктейль), можно заменить кусочками морского окуня + та самая голова :)
листы водорсли нори (2-3 шт),
паста мисо (2-3 пакетика),
цедра одного лимона, (можно без нее)
лимонный сок,
соль, перец

Сварить голову, добавить к ней морепродукты и довести до кипения. Вылить в бульон сок лимона, добавить тертую цедру. Туда же добавить пасту мисо и нарезанные водоросли. поперчить, посолить.
Довести до кипения и снять с огня.
Дать немножко настояться.
суп, конечно на любителя, но мне нравится :)

January 28, 2009 4:53 AM  
Blogger Aibek D. said...


nu spasibo! :) kak by daje poyavilos' jelanie vzyatsya za "golovu" karpa (i ya vdrug nevol'no vspomnil pro sovsem zabytij kusok v morozil'nike). na eti vyhodnye poprobuyu.

February 06, 2009 12:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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