December 17, 2008

Honda's walking assist machine

JapanSugoi; Last month, Honda Motor which makes the ASIMO two legged walking robot, unveiled a new computerized walking assist machine designed to make it easier for the elderly to climb stairs and help factory workers.

The 6.5 kilogram computerized leg device consists of a saddle, leg-like frames and shoes. It can reduce the load on users’ legs while walking or climbing and descending stairs by supporting body weight, Honda said.

The Honda walking machine used ASIMO’s technology in its development. Honda has yet to decide on further details such as when the latest device will go on sale and at what price, but the company sees a market for it in Japan, which has an aging population.

These legs could be used by the travellers as well. Especially, backpackers and hikers. Though comparatively short-life of the batteries is a big disadvantage, you don't want to carry it once the batteries are dead. And it doesn't seem to be very ergonomic. Continuous rubbing of your legs (especially between your legs!) against these machine seat/legs may cause some sore skin problems. Otherwise, it is impressive work! These guys rock!

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