April 01, 2008

Prague Half-Marathon (21+ km)

Great relief and satisfaction! Swollen foot fingers, sprained knee, lost few kilograms. This is the result of my first ever Half-Marathon run (21+ km). I made this distance in 2 hours 07 minutes, it's not the best result I could pull out, but I already felt my knee hurting on the 3. kilometer. (after spraining it 3 days ago in my last training while running for 12 km at -1 degree at night. I had my shorts on, and my legs got frozen. I guess my leg muscles couldn't warm up well in that cold and sprained from the long run) Anyway, all in all, it was great experience! I'm planning to do few more half-marathons before going for the full one. Believe me, you gotta take it seriously and train properly if you wanna make it while enjoy it.

Another Kyrgyz friend, Talant, joined me for this run and we were proud to represent Kyrgyzstan, the honor was ours. And only Kyrgyzstan represented Central Asia! Besides Talant some other friends from work (Alex, Jacobo, Frederic-my boss) and AIESEC community (Gabriele, Efrain, Stas) ran in this event, thus congratulations goes to all! Well done, lads!

Pictures were taken during the race by some friends who were there along the running track and those who came to cheer for us! Special thanks goes to them, and to other friends who called me before the race and showed me their support. I feel loved ;).

Our photo from the official web-page www.pim.cz! We, Kyrgyz, rule! ;)

Official video from PIM.CZ on Youtube;

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