March 27, 2008

What does extremism mean in Russia?

- 68 foreigners were murdered by Russian Nacists in 2007
- 566 were attacked and injured by Russian Nacists in 2007
- 26 foreigners were murdered by Russian Nacists in first 2 months of 2008
- Currently around 70000 skinheads exist in Russia

Russian Neo Nazi
groups have become real pain in the ass for most of the foreigners in Russia. Especially for those not from Slavic origins. These young bastards (read jackals) are attacking, killing and injuring continuously, and f*cking Russian government is closing an eye to this problem. In fact, it is said that they've been using this Nacist movement against the immigrants in order to control and suppress them. Most of all, people from Central Asia are victimized. Currently, millions of Central Asians are studying and working there, either legally or illegally.

I posted this video some time ago. Russian newspapers and TVs usually do not mention these issues or either point them out as hooliganism, thus covering the real issue of Nacism in Russia. And f*cking western media, which usually pretends to be sensible in the issues like human rights, terrorism, facism and aggression, is not bothered to write about it. Do you think they don't know about it?! Typical case of double-standards. Thus, the most of the world is not aware of what is happening in Putin's Russia today. Not to mention that just about 60 years ago people from Central Asia fought against German Facists along with Russians...

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