February 14, 2008

"Mr. Prime Minister, help me to find a date?!"

I've personally experienced and shared how Singapore government does almost everything for its citizens, literally! All sort of support and discounts in health care, housing and education (and that's very crucial in one of the most expensive countries of Asia). Besides it offers great education opportunities with excellent libraries, universitites, etc. The cleanliness of the city/country and the security of its citizens are of high importance for them. It treats the PRs (permanent residents) and the foreigners working there as well, but it treats better its own citizens. Check out this article as well; you can see some facts and figures about how better it treats citizens.

Well, that's not really what I wanted to tell. Mostly effective and worth appreciation and respect, this Singaporean government-citizen relationship can take amusing turns as well. It appears to be that Singaporean are people too busy to spare some time for themselves to find a date. I've been there, and I've seen that it is like same as in many places; not that they are spending 10 hours or smth in the office and have no private time or so. But government sees it as a reason for the declining birth rate, and decided to take care of its citizens again to help them find their dates! And of coz, St.Valentine's Day is perfect time for this.

SINGAPORE (AFP) - Worried that a low birth rate could threaten the country's very survival Singapore's government is playing Cupid, using Valentine's Day to promote romance and marriage. Read full story.

Also, another initiative to help to find a date for dateless & desperate people. Thanks to Nacho for the photo.

p.s. There's only one step between playing cupid and playing pimp. :)
p.p.s. I love and admire this country :))

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Anonymous mikinoki said...

unique policy;)

February 18, 2008 6:54 AM  
Blogger C K said...

Yep. The Singaporean gov is really worried about declining population. With just a population of just 4 million (with only 2 million of them plus citizens) and a birthrate of just 1.2, Singaporeans have a real danger of breeding themselves out...

However, the Govt has given up on official organising dates for professionals through SDU and has offered private funding for similar businesses. 'Lunch Actually', which organises lunch dates for the ever busy Singaporeans, is just one of them.

February 29, 2008 3:52 PM  

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