January 02, 2008

Wiser, stronger, happier!

(Above was the wish from Triin on her SMS)

2007 Analysis

Thinking Big
It was the year of Thinking Big for me. Still not having lost the self-confidence and belief of achieving something more than ordinary, I was busy in my head with reading and getting inspired, thinking over all kind of ideas for business plan, investigating about how to start up the company, repeating it to myself thousand times...

Secondly, it was all about the blogs... My approach and opinion about the blogs totally shifted from just being the travel blog and diary into the tool that could be used and benefited in hundreds of ways. As many others, I became regular reader of Shoemoney and JohnChow who make thousands of dollars monthly by just blogging and all the related topics like internet marketing, SEO and power of having high Google Pagerank, earning money from online advertising, offering quality content and the power of internet traffic. I experimented with this blog, and got useful lessons learnt. The biggest lesson was the basic lesson of offering quality content on certain topics and having your own niche of readers. Quality never lets you down. And another important lesson is to blog about the things that you are passionate about so that on a long journey you'll always want and have smth to write about.

Conquering Europe

Past year took me to 7 new countries (8 if we count Vatican as a separate country); Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Vatican. Living in Czech Republic more than a year and seeing other Central European countries, now I have good understanding about their history, traditions, food, culture, values, lifestyle and people's mentality (in some way). Even I was blessed to experience Christmas in local way in Hungary with Gitti's family.
Next year I am more to keen to explore other parts of Europe.

New People, New Friends

I am blessed to meet many new people and find many new friends among them. Some became already very special. Blogs and social networks proved to be very useful in this as well. And I already look forward to meet certain new and old friends in 2008! Past year brought together with some old friends as well; I met old Mafia friends (Michal, Gitti) , Triin, Vivian, highschool friends (Dastan, Izat), and some others after such long time.

New interests
Despite being in Czech, my interest in Japan hugely increased. I put in head to start for Kendo one day, had some attempt to learn Hiragana and Katakana alphabets, had been listening to podcasts, trying out origami foldings, and finally past year I met Miki. And this interest has nothing to do with japanese anime ;).

Another interest was the series and movies on YouTube and Google Video. I am getting seriosly addicted to them, I especially watched many different series there (to begin with I finished 99-serie "Kurtlar Vadisi", famous Turkish mafia series).

Blogging and reading blogs became another huge interest.

Also, Czech is famous with its ice hockey! I watched many live games with Czech national team, Slavia and Sparta Prague games. It is on a high level and a spectacular show over here!

Eating habits
It has been not the best one. Quick lunches, late dinners, skipped breakfasts... I didn't gain weight, if not lost some. It even came to that point that I forgot to eat lunch at work recently.
So this is another point for improvement. Though I don't like cooking. Marriage topic rings the bell again! :)


Inspiration for 2008

Think Big, Plan Big, Act Big
Just dreaming about glory could be important initial ingredient for success, but action should follow it shortly. Past year I dreamed enough of having my own company and business in technology market. This year I am enough inspired to put those thoughts and ideas on the table and get to Planning part of the things, getting the know-how to them, getting in touch with people in these fields and probably finding my future partners in this journey. I believe in the power of sharing the knowledge, thus I am thinking of keeping new blog specifically for these topics.

I need it. I feel that otherwise I will have health problems as I become old as I spent too much time sitting in front of computer and not much physical activity in most of the days.

+1 Blog
1 New Blog about building electronic environment solutions; from eGovernment, eCommerce, eEducation projects to Technoparks and IT Infrastructure. Probably, by the time it will be more concentrated on specific topics in this niche. In this blog I am thinking of sharing about my research in these topics.

New countries to explore
On top of my list; France, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, Sweden, Estonia

Euro 2008
We already made plans of spending some days in Austria during Euro 2008 football championship. It is hard and expensive to get tickets for the games, yet I'll try to. If not, I'll just go there and enjoy the atmosphere.

More trainings (Prince2, Management Skills, Marketing Skills)
Still need to learn so many things... But I figured out that I need to get more management skills besides programming and analysis.

New destination?
I am planning to go for new challenge at the end of 2008 if I don't change my mind and stay here with current company longer. It may be private business or new job at technology company of a kind that I'd like to run in future myself. 2+ years of experience here will be good enough to move to the next stage. US or Asia Pacific are the most preferred destinations for me.


+++ Check my travel photo sets at aibek_dunaev's Photo Sets on Flickriver


Anonymous Nurbek, Malaysia said...

Айбеча, отуп кеткен туулган кунун менен куттуктайм! ойлогондорун баары ишке ашсын!

January 16, 2008 4:53 PM  
Blogger aibek said...

Rahmat, bayke!

January 16, 2008 5:02 PM  

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