January 05, 2008

New Year in Prague

For past 5 years, I met New Year in 5 different countries;

2004 - Turkey
2005 - Singapore
2006 - Taiwan
2007 - Kyrgyzstan
2008 - Czech Republic

This year I celebrated it few times with few different groups.
First it was with Kyrgyz community in Prague in a chinese restaurant on 29-December. It was more like a dinner and toasts, some music and drinking. I'd say typical New Party that people have in Kyrgyzstan. To be honest, I was bored shortly. Not my way of celebrating something, and not my style of spending time. Probably I just went to there to see some people I haven't seen for a while. And there were not many young people there.

Meanwhile Kyrgyz students were organizing another party at the club in another place (seems like they already knew that the other party would be boring). After dinner, I joined the second party and it was much more fun. It was in a club on the riverside.

On the night of 31st I celebrated it with our international gang here. Mostly these are ex and current AIESEC trainees and some other people related to AIESEC or friends. We started with party in our place. Lots of food and drink as usual. (Still we've got many drinks and snacks at home after the party. None of my flatmates drink them as well, only wine. So we will treat all to our guests.) Linda organized whole thing, and credits go to her and to everyone who contributed with their dishes and drinks. As it became a "tradition", our gang got drunk before going out for further partying. But this time we rushed to Pertin Hills first, they said there would great view of the city in fireworks. Indeed we made it just on time, when we got on enough height to see, Prague turned into firework land. Everywhere fireworks were blowing and soon sky was covered with smoke. Indeed fantastic view! It took about 15-20 minutes. Just imagine how much money was spent for all these fireworks?...
Later we checked few clubs and all of them were full with clubs so soon enough we went back home to continue it on the next day.
My photos here! More to be added.

Here's the short video that I took. It's dark in video, not very clear, but you can get piece of what was happening there that night;

And here's old video that I took 2 years back from now. Fantastic fireworks show on the tallest building of the world in Taipei (Taiwan). Now I call it the firework show! Czechs have long way to catch up with Taiwanese, no offense. ;)

And here's the video, taken by someone else, of how it was in Taipei101 this year;

My NY wish to readers
Happy New Year to everyone! Hope this will be the year of hope, passion, patience, success, love and new achievements in both your professional and personal lives! And for the travelers and adventurers, I wish many new explorations and discoveries this year, and many new people to meet along the road!

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