November 02, 2007

Me - night owl!

Interesting article about the nature of our working habits. What seems to be related to our nature rather than laziness or smth. One thing I am pretty sure is that I am not a lazy person, I was never one, yet I've realized long-time ago that I am simply less efficient in the mornings. At university I missed lots of morning courses (damn morning Calculus lessons!) or I was a bit slower to digest what was being discussed in morning courses. At work I've spent my morning by reading news or blogs with my coffee or just pretend to be working because I didn't feel like working or couldn't do much even if I tried. And I always preferred to sleep well in the morning, have nice breakfast and then go to work. Thanks to flexible work hours here, I benefit a lot. I'd named it as "morning laziness".


Yet I have been very efficient in the afternoon and in the evenings, thus I've always preferred to stay couple of hours more after work in the evening to "compensate" my morning laziness and benefit from my efficient time. At university I studied well in the evenings or late nights. And I've been going late to bed (after midnight around 1-2 am, I'd call it too early to go to bed before midnight). Alhtough I've been trying to switch to regular early-sleep-early-wakeup schedule to fit general work schedules, yet not have been fully successfull. I actually do whenever I don't have my computer with me. That's my nature.

(Monster Career Advice) Early birds and night owls don't choose to be the way they are and shouldn't blame themselves for their bodies' quirks. "It's a physiological characteristic that's genetically predetermined, like being tall or blond,"...
"Try not to feel guilty or apologize all the time for the way you are," says Schur, who notes that up to 40 percent of the population may have early-bird or night-owl predispositions...
<full read here>

The article also suggests using email or voice mail with time and date stamps that document when you completed your early-morning or late-night work and other ways to make it evident when you were at the office. That's what I do sometimes as well, I send out email to my team-mates and boss after completing certain tasks and letting them know of the current status both to inform them and to show that I've stayed till late hours in the office. Once it happens regularly, they will recognize your working habits. You need to use such visual tools like emails for different kind of communication and always keep them in your archive. It may be of crucial use in future to protect yourself from all kind of office politics and false blamings. This was a good advice given by one good friend of mine few years ago.

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Blogger Ilter said...

Selam Aybek,

I have been suffering from the same problem for a long time. My other friends,too.Especially one of them was so bad that he would hardly come to morning classes. But I don't agree with the advice.

I used to be an early sleeper when I did not have computer. My sleeping habit changed deeply after I had a computer and I can't change it back.

It is indeed so great to be able to go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 5am everyday.You can shower,pray,eat,read news,check emails,etc. in 2-3hours and then get office on time with a fresh mind.

If we can make this happen, we can use the day in a very efficient way!Day time was created for working, not for sleeping as stated in Quran.

I can rarely follow this schedule and this makes me hate myself...Recently it is becoming such a big problem for me that sometimes I feel like selling my computer. Sometimes I tell myself "If I can't control myself, I don't deserve to own a computer"

As you can see, I blame the computer,not myself...I lack self-discipline when it comes to computer. :-/ Do you think selling my precious would help?

November 05, 2007 9:43 AM  
Blogger aibek said...


I understand your point about the computers effecting your sleeping habit. Same is happening to me, on the days I leave my laptop at work, I can go to bed earlier. But just think about the time we are living in, there's so much going on out there, in this virual world, and there are so many things to catch up with and so many opportunities to seek for there, thus it became the fact and truth of today. Simply avoiding it would mean avoiding yourself from that huge pool of information, opportunities and entertainment. Thus I do NOT recommend you to sell your laptop :).
Said that it is also important to be aware of your nature of learning and efficiency. Thus direct your energy and concentration to be implemented in your most efficient times. That doesn't mean that you gotta stay late and wake up late if you are a night owl by nature. That does mean that you gotta plan your tasks/studies for those high-efficient periods of the day and do the rest in less-efficient times. Like if you are a night owl and your job requires you to be in the office at 8:30 am sharp, then you should spend your morning at work by doing simple tasks like replying emails and plan the brainsotming sessions/meetings or do the coding in the afternoon or early evening whenever you feel that you are more efficient. Also some IT companies provide half or full flexibility in working times because they know that creative people can be more efficient at their preferred times.
There should be self-discipline as you mentioned, yet you shouldn't blame yourself much if that's not your nature.
Maybe I put one point wrongly; I don't mean that night owls should get more sleep in the mornings. I just mean that they shouldn't be forced to do certain things in the mornings.

November 05, 2007 1:19 PM  

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