November 29, 2007

Berlin and the Wall

Berlin - the city that was long separated by a wall. Today remains of the wall is the main attraction in Berlin.

Speaking of the physical walls, recently I watched the documentary about North Korea, and there it mentions about the wall built by South Koreans along the border. It could be seen with a binocular from North Korea side, but S.Koreans have been declining these rumors (I'll write more about traveling in North Korea in next posts). Similarly, another wall is built along Israel-Palestine border.

Another city that was also divided and ruled by two different empires was Budapest. For many years Buda side of the city was ruled by Ottomans, and Pest belonged to Habsburgs dynasty.

I will spend my whole next week in Berlin on my first business trip. Looking forward to meet this city. My grandfather came till Berlin fighting against Nazis.

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