November 06, 2007

about Reverse Funnel System

Few days ago I came through this web-site where the guy was telling about a so-called "Reverse Funnel System" and The Inner Circle of people managing this system. So the whole web-site is shouting out about the "fantastic" latest automated all-win web marketing strategy that guarantees huge incomes in a very short time. And guess what?! Big red fonts saying that this proven system puts 5000$-10000$ into your pocket every week and the main attraction is the photo of the guy called Ty Coughlin sitting in his beach shorts with his drink and laptop at his home garden in Hawaii and saying "I am absolutely convinced that my proven System, will create massive wealth for virtually anyone regardless of your background, education, or even your current level of income... I'm going to Prove it!" Note that he's got the sunglasses on! He also added the audio message. (

Once you enter your email address for some reports, you'll be redirected to more detailed site. Then there are links to some success stories where the guys talking about how they made fortune using this system. You'll see their photos taken besides their expensive cars (wohoo!). I noticed that here they are also wearing sunglasses or standing far from the camera so that their face is not really distinguishable (besides only one with eBay T-shirt). Are they trying to hide their faces or what? That question popped up to my mind. And I am not talking about the content and design of the page; buttons with dollar icons, some sort of satisfaction guarantee badges/stamps, big promises in huge red fonts, bla bla bla. And what he requires you is to pay initial 50$ and he will give you instructions and directions how to start earning money (if not satisfied he promises to return threefold 150 $), and then you pay monthly 299$ for the web-site that he will provide. And you will be given some ads to be placed on certain places(?!!!) No knowledge or education is required, buisness for everyone, that's what he claims. Nothing else is explained. It was not clear. (Later on I read somewhere, link provided below, that it will also ask you to buy membership that costs 2000$ plus as well. And what you need to do is to register (or recruit) other new members through YOUR web-site so that you earn commission from that) The only reason I kept reading is that it was linked from one IT buisness blog that I'm subscribed to, and as well as many other blogs and some YouTube videos were there explaining the benefits and facts/figures about the system (seems they know a bit how to convince people).

Although I was 99% sure that this "too-good-to-be-true-deal" was either some sort of scam to get your money on some sort of subscriptions or some system where usually the owner benefits, I was curious how this system was working. Once I read more about it, it turned out to be "pyramid style network marketing" in internet! And I already had some experience with them. One was with Herbalife and its weight-losing product, and another was in Singapore (I don't remember the product). Well, usually you'll be invited by someone to join their enterpreunership seminar/meeting (it turns out that actually that person is trying to recruit you! Why? Because the more people he recruits, thus the more products he sells, he will go one ladder up in the pyramid and his income will increase even more. He will earn from his recruit's sales and from his recruit's recruit's sale, and so on.)

As I said, in order to join the network, you buy the product yourself first, and then you have to start recruiting others and selling them both this marketing/enterpreunership strategy and the product. As you see, this system earns more money for those on upper ladders in pyramid, and the top guy getting the most (basicly he benefits from all the sales). In case of Reverse Funnel System, the top guy is Ty Coughlin. And the network is The Inner Circle. I will not go to deeper analysis of his system, it was already done here. I recommend to read it.

Also, I noticed this guy called Jonathan commenting on all blogs mentioning about this system, and counter argumenting the posts if they are more critical about the system. (I won't be surprised if he comments here as well!) Probably he is one of those in the upper ladders of the pyramid. Also, they even took a video "proving" that this system is not a scam, but real. And indeed, system is real and it does generates huge incomes. And the 10-point question here is who really gets these huge incomes? Who benefits the most?

Short summary and opinion about this latest "easy money" enterpreunership/marketing strategy. I thought it could be useful.

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Anonymous blinky said...

Reverse Funnel System. A Scam, a pyramid. Plenty of people write but no one explains anything. Try Google or Yahoo, mostly paid Web sites by the RFS people, but no one explains anything. "Just make millions, in your sleep, doing nothing." Ha!

January 05, 2008 1:31 AM  
Blogger aibek said...

hi blinky,

there are plenty of sources that try to prove that RFS is in fact just trick to sell goods as other pyramid systems do. in fact some people do make lots of money using it, but these are the ones on the upper ladders of pyramids, and they make money by selling this system to other thousands of people in search of easy money through internet marketing. if you noticed, my post carries more criticizing character rather than promotional.

January 05, 2008 2:22 AM  

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