October 20, 2007


I came through the piece of paper with the following lyrics written on it while digging my old stuff. These are the chants (in Turkish) that we wrote to support our Kyrgyzstan team in international KVN (abbreviation for "Club of the Merry and Inventive" in Russian) competition in Turkey (2003). It included other national teams from Kazakh, Turkmen and Azerbaijani students studying in Turkey. The format of the competition was a bit different than classical KVN. It was organized in Bursa with the support of the Representatives of Ministries of Education of these 4 countries.
We, as a student senate, prepared and sponsored our team in Ankara (as this team was the winner in previous KVN competition among Kyrgyz students in Turkey). After great performance and tough challenge by Azerbaijani team, Kyrgyzstan team came up first! More than hundred Kyrgyz students came to support, and somehow we were seated in the mid-tribune, and both overcrowded and overshouted other teams' supporters. At that time I was the amigo with the whistle organizing the supporters. Everyone got the copy of the below chants numbered from 1 to 5. Whenever the support was needed, I was raising my hand high and showing the number of the chant with my fingers, and with the blow of the whistle all Kyrgyzstan supporters (dressed in white T-shirts with Kyrgyzstan flag) were singing them... great atmosphere! great performance! great support!
Those were the days when I really experienced the magnifying power and magic feeling of being united, being together. And that's what we need the most at the moment.
Yalla Kırgızstan yalla
Vitesi beşe salla
Bizimkilere laf yok
Artist gibi maşallah
Kervanın başı Orta Asya
Buraya geldik yarışmaya
Kupasız gitmek bize yakışmaz
Jüriler bize artı puan yaz
Kırgızstan gençleri
Kervan ileri
Bu taraftar sizinle gurur duyuyor
Bu taraftar sizinle gurur duyuyor
Türkmen, Kazak, Azeri! Sizlere selam!
Dostluk için geldik, gerisi yalan
Gözümüzde hepiniz en iyisiniz,
Ama merak etmeyin şampiyon biziz!
Kırgızstan'da doğdu
Türkiye'li oldu
Helal olsun sana
Türkün Kırgız oğlu!

Champion team - Guliza, Aktilek, Parizat, Jibek, Sayfuddin, Myrzahid,
Shamil, Ulan, Edil, Baktygul

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