September 10, 2007

marriage theory :)

prior to my previous post...

Marriage is in one corner of my mind these days, and I think it's about time to plan it in within next 1-2 years (maybe). Yet I had this feeling that the longer you stay as the bachelor, the more you get used/comfortable with such life.

Let me put it this way (let's call it the Marriage Theory);

Initially, maybe because of the excitement of the early relationships, or the more idealistic look at the family concept, the marriage can be seen as the key to the happiness and the warrant of the eternal love. Thus, the will/wish/tendency to get married will grow with your age. Upto some point (some kind of a saturation or peak point) at some age (let's call it critical age). That is also some kind of decision making point or changing your view about marriage point. Because you start to look at the marriage from new perspectives, and by that time you could have had few relationships, experienced the bitter and sweet sides of the couple life, started to earn money and realize the real life challenges, having mid-twenties crisis, change of priorities in life, career-oriented mindset, self-competency in daily life, preferences to stay in a relationship rather than getting married, etc... you list them! After that point the tendency to get married will not grow, either it stays at that level or decreases (that's where we will look in 2 different cases).

Imagine the two-dimensional Age - MarriageTendency graph, where Age is represented horizontally and Marriage Tendency is represented vertically.

And let's look it in two different cases; for the strong and the pretty halves of the humankind separately.

Case 1 - For Men (indicated with Red);

The wish to get married (or marriage tendency as in the graph) starts suddenly at some later ages (16-20), and it starts with some initial "amount". It will grow rapidly in next few years till the guy reaches that "critical age" where his look at the marriage starts to reshape. (The exception are those who got married within this period "by accident", meaning that those who didn't get married after careful planning and thinking, but because of some other factors like "being careless", parents' will, bride-kidnapping(!), social pressure due to certain "marriage ages" in some cultures, money, etc.) This critical age for men is usually the mid twenties. After the peak point, the tendency to get married will start to decrease slowly as the time passes (see the graph). It could be the fact that by that age men are more realistic than idealistic, they are more cost-oriented rather than love-oriented :), they get more comfortable with bachelor life and having a girlfriend instead of wife, and they are already used to do daily stuff (cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, etc.), and maybe the fact that most of the girls he knew already got married so he needs to keep his "list of candidates" regularly updated! :)

Case 2 - For Women (indicated with Green);

For the pretty half of the humankind, the wish to get married starts much earlier compared to boys, and contrary to the first case, it doesn't start suddenly with some "amount" but it develops slowly from the zero (ground) value till the peak point. And after this peak point, it usually stays on the same level, constant value, as the years pass on. It doesn't decrease like in the men's case (see the graph). From here, it is obviously clear that women have more will/tendency to get married compared to men. I guess, this is also common belief, and this theory another "proof" of it. :)

Also, although I used the single graph to display both cases, it should be referred as two separate cases, and the critical age and peak point values for both are not necessarily same.

Anyway, thanks for reading this theory so far. Like it or hate it but I was just having fun. :) I got small computer based course on Creativity, and one of the ways you could develop your level of creativity is by looking from different perspective, i.e. imagining that you are someone else and thinking or approaching to an issue with this new perspective. I had fun! ;)


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Blogger Torokul said...

Aibek, it wouldn't be interesting to plan everything in life, but I liked your post in a way that we can control and change something, at least our marriage.

September 11, 2007 10:07 PM  
Blogger aibek said...

Torokul, thanks for the comment! Though my point was more about the observation of the marriage tendency process over the age and the reasons rather than our ability to control and change our marriage, etc. ;)
Kandaysin? Azyr seni Moskvada dep uktum, Akjol aytti.

September 12, 2007 7:02 PM  

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