August 06, 2007

weekend back in Malaysia?!

The Czech Republic hopes that AirAsia X can finalise negotiations to fly to Prague by December 2007. Ambassador Dana Hunatova said there was much expectation that AirAsia would be granted landing rights to fly to the capital. (

I heard this from my flatmate as well. She just came back from Malaysia, and was telling me that AirAsia (Malaysia based budget airline) is planning to fly to Prague directly from Kuala-Lumpur and for very good prices! Mammamia! As I don't need visa for Malaysia, I could just hop on the plane in Friday evening after work, spend the weekend plus few more off days in KL or some other Malaysian islands or even take further AirAsia flights to any other destination in SE Asia! :) Hopefully starting from December I will be spending my holidays somewhere in the tropics. What makes me save my leave days for now...

Maybe soon I'll be again in the little paradise corner.

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