July 23, 2007

lazy weekends

what tires you more? physical exhaustness or mental busyness?

I've been "getting horizontal" (Copyright 2007 - Fang) for past 2 weekends. Sleeping till the afternoon until my head starts buzzing as if protesting this lazyness. Then I wake up, go to bathroom. After refreshing myself, my next stop is the kitchen. I open the fridge, boil some water to make a coffee and get some milk to add to. After thorough search of what to eat, I just decide on smashing the eggs on the pot, either with tomatoes or potatoes. Easy, practical, quick, though not the healthiest option. I play music loud to totally wake myself up or just to tune up my weekend days. Weekends've been sunny, whole city ran to parks and riverside for sunbathing. Swimming pools should have been overcrowded. Outside is hot, so as if to totally kill the rest of the day, I switch back to watching favourite Turkish mafia series. Actually I finished it, all 97 series! Previous weekend started with meeting up some bloggers (Tolkun, Mirsulzhan, Asel') from Central Asia who were in Prague for week of trainings. What made my day was the gift from an already special blogger-friend. To whom it may concern; you are gorgeous!

That lazy weekend ended with some bone stretching beach volleyball game on the beach. For those in Prague, Zlute Lazne is the great place to spend the summer weekends (it used to be nudist beach previously); chill out on the riverside grass pitches, enjoy some beach volleyball or football, bars and restaurants around, some even try to swim in Vltava's dirty waters, otherwise there's swimming pool on the other side of the road. You can take tram 3, 16, 17, 21 and get out at Dvorce stop.

Past weekend was planned to be an active one, yet on Friday eve I went to airport to meet Lisheng, ex-flatmate from Singapore who came for AIESEC traineeship in Brno. Her flight from London was delayed due to heavy rain, so it reached Prague in 1 am! It turned out that I was not the only one waiting for her, another trainee Aaron (an Asian with several different nationalities) was there as well. By the time we reached home, and went out for food and back, it was 6 am when I went to bed. Saturday sleep till afternoon guaranteed! Saturday evening they toured Prague, and I joined for late drinks, then we went down to the island (yes, Prague even has islands!) to watch "Little Miss Sunshine "in the open-air cinema. Another late exploration; summer open-air cinema on the island in the center of Prague! Finally on Sunday I could go to Ikea to buy missing parts for my room. Housewarming party is scheduled for the next week.

Next weekend should be the healthy one; I am planning to hire a boat for a tour on the Vltava river, and maybe go for swimming pool. Seems like I will miss the canyoning trip in Austria due to this visa issue. In August, I'm planning to go up to Estonia to visit old good friend - Triin.

Beautiful evening in last weekend

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Blogger Jenny H. said...

Awwww, thanks for the credit. Go horizontal all the way!

But you forgot to mention that I took you guys to the island and introduced you that movie (you even looked totally disgusted when hearing the name!), you copycat. I ain't cooking Thai or making pearl milk tea for you unless you have beer in your fridge!

July 23, 2007 2:43 PM  
Blogger aibek said...

Jenny, go and do your 2 week in advance plannings!
By the way, forgot to tell you that I neither drink nor treat alcohol.;) But as you have unlimited credits, you will be offered some fine nealko pivo from Tesco. I won't charge you extra as I don't have a river view. :))

July 23, 2007 3:03 PM  

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