February 20, 2007

those special times

Most of our days pass more in ordinary, routine and boring ways. School or work, things to do at home, daily or weekly activities, etc. And they never stay long in our memories. Maybe because they didn't have much impression, deep effect on us morally. But there are some days, periods that stays in our mind till the end, that later we always recall as "those happy days" which were deeply settled in our minds and hearts. It may be some short period, but then we may spend our whole life remembering and chasing ways to bring them or part of it back. And sometimes our current days will stay under the shadows of old days and we started to live with our past, with those special times. It somehow makes you bit of sad mood, maybe because we compare current days with those special days. Especially visits to those places, or seeing the people who were part of it brings all those feelings and emotions back. And there's always some melody, some song associated with those special times, and every time we hear it, we live those days in our thoughts again and again.

Today is tomorrow's yesterday, so we should make today as "special" to remember them tomorrow.


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