January 25, 2007

Winter festive holidays back in Kyrgyzstan

One of the best ever trips I have ever had (it is strange that I started to refer to "going back home" as a "trip", God!). Many reasons to rate it as special;

- I saw my nephew Nursi (1,5 yrs old) talking and calling me "Aka" (means both "Big brother" or "uncle" in our local Kyrgyz language). I spent great time playing with him, tickling him, asking him to kiss, making him dance, etc. New generation kids are far more smarter, I guess, because he can now play melodies on mobile phone, switch among them, use remote controller, put disc into DVD player, etc. One of the first words he learned to speak was "DVD"?!!!

- see all my family members as most of us have been in different places recently. Kylych arrived from Turkey, Nurgazy was also back at home. I was glad to see my parents more relaxed from those difficult times when they were trying and working hard to raise 5 children and some of us were studying at private schools, then university abroad. Now we already started to overtake these burdens from them. I truly value this in our society; mutual parent-child support.

- I met my classmates some of whom I haven't seen for over 4 years. 1st of January evening we gathered in Adyl's place for reunion, also to celebrate New Year and Qurban Eid, as well as celebrate my birthday. All in one shot ;). Thanks for Sherali for hospitality, otherwise I'd get bored in the hotel in Bishkek.

- on the way, I had a 1 day stop-over in Istanbul. Good opportunity to see old friends from Ankara; Baktygul, Guliza, etc. It has been 3 years. We had great memories working together in Student Senate, many trips, then KVN and victories in Izmir and Bursa! I'd say they were part of my best days in university life. I took an opportunity and paid a visit to Blue Mosque and its magnifying atmosphere. Another view here.

- celebrated advance NY Eve with KG @ers in Elina's place. AIESEC in KG is still in the process of being shaped as it is trying hard to keep its members and grow at the same time. Despite the difficulties they are doing pretty good job.

- spend time with Ainura, celebrated each others birthdays and New Year's Eve together. Attended with her Deloitte's New Year party.

- 30th of December pleased us with a lot of sudden snow, just before the New Year's Eve. It has been 8 years since I celebrated this holiday there! 8 years!!!

- It is never easy to leave home after some short break, and even you had great time there then it is like leaving part of your soul back there. I left snowy, cold Kyrgyzstan, and I was expecting more or less similar weather in Prague. Well, above the clouds it is hard to tell, but when we started landing I saw green fields and trees, and slightly rainy, warm weather in Prague. It was as if changing the climates again...


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Blogger Devrim said...

Aibek, yanindaki bu dilber de kim? ;)
Bir daha Bishkek'e gittigin zaman haber ver, ben de yakinim ziyaretine gelirim.

January 30, 2007 3:07 AM  

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