January 11, 2007

iTravel videos

I recently got time and uploaded the videos I took time to time and kept in my hard drive (even though it took time and cost me some time of starvation), so here in one post I present them all.

Singapore videos;

DHL Mafia at Karaoke

2005 New Year morning on the beach at East Coast, Singapore

Mafia Karaoke, singing "Copa Cabana"

Mafia Karaoke, singing "Just like a prayer"

Mafia Karaoke, singing "Love is all around"

Mafia Karaoke, singing "Hero"

Tropical rain in New Year

MacRitchie reservoir

Glance at Lau Pa Sat, our popular outdoor dining place in Singapore. Excellent food! Also, see how Teh Tarik (pulled tea) is prepared (while Tong is watching)!!! I missed this place!

Merlion of Singapore, Singapore river, Esplanade theaters, Fullerton hotel, one of the nicest corners in Lion City.

Parkview Square in Bugis (Singapore)

Siloso beach, Sentosa

Monkeys at Bukit Timah, Singapore

Chinese Garden, Singapore

View from the Pogoda in Chinese Garden. Zoomed is Mayfair condominiums where I lived in Singapore.

Feeding the birds with fish at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Sanjay and Hannele on fire at Annual DHL Dinner&Dance in Singapore (2004).

Performance by Ceci and Michal :)).

Another view from DHL Dinner&Dance. Sanjay rushing towards girls :)).

At Astoria. Tee wants "dramatic collapse", Gitti saying "ye ye ye", Michal and Krishna burning the kitchen, Nacho trying had not to lose... old good days!
I won that game by the way, je je :)).

Malaysia videos;

Petronas towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

View from TV tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Taiwan videos;

AIESEC Taiwan MCP elections result, 2006

Yang Ming Shan, Mt.Cising Main Peak (1120 m), Taipei/ Taiwan.

Lover's bridge, Danshui, Taipei

How fried ice cream is prepared. At Danshui, Taipei (Taiwan).

AIESEC trainees of Taipei singing Xmas carols in front of SOGO, Taipei

AIESEC trainees of Taipei singing Xmas carols 2

2006 New Year Celebs Fireworks at Taipei101

Farewell speech, Taiwan

Taiwanese KTV with co-workers from Datatronics

Lantern festival at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei (Taiwan)

Kyrgyzstan videos;

Nursi (my nephew)

Klasstashtar (classmates from high-school)

Dance #1 (Deloitte Bishkek NY 2007 Party)

Dance #2 (Deloitte Bishkek NY 2007 Party)

Dance #3 (Deloitte Bishkek NY 2007 Party)

Dance #4 (Deloitte Bishkek NY 2007 Party)

Dance #5 (Deloitte Bishkek NY 2007 Party)

Dance #6 (Deloitte Bishkek NY 2007 Party)

Kyrgyz Hymn Clip (I caught from TV)

Turkey videos (from my recent stay in Istanbul);

Inside the Blue Mosque

Ayasofya (St.Sophia) and Blue Mosque, Istanbul

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