January 30, 2007

DHL Kick-Off Party

Was it either compensation for the cancelled annual Christmas Party by DHL, or some other reasons, but it was another great parties of my life in a fantastic atmosphere of 20ies and 30ies. People dressed up like as they used to do 80-90 years ago, and it was hard to recognize the colleagues that you see everyday. I was not expecting people to give much effort to dress, but it turned up that they did. The venue was fantastic - Obicni Dum (Municipal House). Not mentioning the food (especially roasted beef) and drinks whole evening with pretty waitresses serving around the food. That is one good treat from DHL to its employees this year. At least it should have done it during Christmas, but better late than never.

The party was held at the Obichni Dum, historical symphony music and opera house building, one of the attractions of Prague.

It started with some 20ies-30ies music, ended up with 80ies and 90ies music.

Theme for the evening; 20ies & 30ies dress and music

When I was a kid, I used to dream imagining myself as the captain of the pirates, at least it came true for a moment of flash :).

Leila, Kazakh colleague

Byt nebo nebyt - to je otazka!

Municipal House in Prague (taken from www.contipromotor.cz)

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