December 04, 2006

the Google Story

I saw this book last year in Singapore bookstore and had read few pages there. Only recently I bought it, and reading now. No need to describe how Google is unique, its smart money generator - Google Ads, attraction for top IT geeks - Googleplex, its high targets like digitizing all the books and make them searchable through Google or "googling" your genes, and its short successful history since 1998 when 2 Standford PhD students built this search engine.
After going deep in the book, I really started to admire Larry and Sergey, founders. Their high dreams of making a change for world, even the fact that eveything started by the crazy idea of downloading whole internet into the computer! I like their philosophy "to try to do the things that other people would never do", their motto "Don't be evil!" and the way they kept it true, the way they attract the IT specialists and treat them, their "20 percent" policy of providing flexibility/freedom to their employees to work on any projects/issues/problems they want, provding them creativity time, and their target of making any information available for users by just a click and totally for free!
I'd love to be part of it, to work for Google in future. At the same time, it boosts in me the will to do creative things, to bring something new for people, to build my own company and buisness on it. Basicly, to do what the majority of people wouldn't do or even think about it. Scale is not important, and I am not in the Silicon Valley anyway, but good and smart ideas always find the supporters.
I truly recommend this book for all high-tech lovers.

By the way, the photo of the girl in Google top doesn't have anything to do with the book ( I don't want any issues with the authors of the book :)). It is just to make this post a bit "spicy"! ;)

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