December 12, 2006

fly THY

I have nice memories with THY (Turkish Airlines). Because my amazing journey to SE Asia started on the board of THY Airbus. Whenever I see THY logo, I remember the moment sitting on a plane somewhere over the Indian Ocean on the way to Singapore and thinking that I was going to somewhere I knew almost nothing about and noone besides few names and phone numbers, alone, with only 100 bucks in my pocket, to my first ever job in a big corporate, and unsure about how the things would turn out, but I was not worried at all, just very very excited... it seemed to be unrealistic for me, but I was there, already thousands kilometers away from Turkey going south-east...
I am taking off to Kyrgyzstan this Friday for 2 weeks to collect my long-term visa plus holidays. wohoo!!! I don't think I deserved it after working for only 2 months, but my boss was kind enough to let me have few days off combined with official holidays. I will fly with THY, stay 1 day in Istanbul, meet some friends after 2 years, and land in Bishkek on Sunday. I will be celebrating New Year and my birthday in Kyrgyzstan after 8 years!

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November 27, 2008 5:03 PM  

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