November 01, 2006

First month in Prague.

Happiness: above average.

Money: tight budget, almost running out of them, salary next week!

Weather: Getting colder and colder, it will be snowy winter for me after 2 years. It snowed last Friday.

Prague: Beautiful city, picteristique old architecture, not expensive cost of life, very good transportation system, trams, Vltava river, Charles bridge (will have more posts about it), castle+cathedral, etc.

Czechs: First impression is that they are cold and unfriendly towards foreigners, yet not all of them. But there's general complaint from foreigners about it. So there's piece of truth. I have experienced some as well, yet I met very friendly and social Czechs too. Lucky that I work for multinational company, and have been living with AIESEC trainees in famous trainee house in Andel. Credits to Jenny and other tenants-trainees. Czech girls: People were right by saying that Czech girls are very beautiful! I totally agree. It is hard not to notice so many pretty girls/women around. Miss World 2006 approves they can be top as well. Yet my fav ones have been Asians ;).

Language: Due to my Russian, I can understand 20-25% of written Czech, yet almost nothing in spoken Czech. looking forward to some lessons.

Food: Nothing promising, a lot of potatoes, cheese, meat. What is referred as "dumplings" is a piece of bread. I liked Smazheny syr (fried cheese, shown in the photo) though. It is possible to find chinese and other cuisines, but mostly seems to be accustomised according to Czechs taste. Put food aside, service in restaurants and cafes is not the best, sometimes be ready for impolite attitude from waitresses. But what attracts people here is beer, as I heard from many, it is better of quality, and for sure price is very low, it is even cheaper than coke! I tried some non-alcoholic beers, but taste sucks and price is higher than normal ones.

Company (DHL): Happy to be back. Yet it is very different work environment than the one in Asia. Just will say that local culture is always reflected in the companies, multinationals as well. Positive things are that we have nice team, helpful and friendly colleagues, meeting new friends within the company, etc. Nothing much about negative sides, this blog is not for that.

Accommodation: Will be renting a room from a family in Hostivar, Prague 10. Far from city centre, close to work. It is difficult to get a place you want these days, many people are hunting for a roof. So it is landlords are the ones who make a choice, not the renters.

Football: Joined DHL team. Soon will start for trainings. Planning to go to watch Sparta Praha and Slavia Praha games as well. Btw, I got to know that there's kyrgyz guy who plays for Sparta Praha in its youth team. Would be great to see him in international arena.

Photography: I want to buy semi-professional camera if I can afford next month. Need to take some shots of beautifull autumn in Prague.

Traveling: In december, I will get my long term visa, then Europe is mine. Vienna, Budapest, Krakow, Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Munich are on the top of my list.

Kyrgyz community: There are aound 60-70 kyrgyz people here in Prague, mostly students and those who work for Radio Free Europe (Azattyk), and some other people working. We had a Kyrgyz reunion dinner in Radio Azattyk hall, had a chance to meet most of them. Photos will be posted once I get them.

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