November 05, 2006

AIESEC Taiwan & Kyrgyzstan

2 dear friends, Danny (Taiwanese LCP) and Elina (Kyrgyz MCP) in IC-2006 in Poland. Just ignore that American University banner! :)) Just a thought that I became a bridge between these 2 AIESEC nations gives me one more reason to understand how person's friendship network can grow and connect other networks and making it grow geometrically or even exponentially (a bit of calculus here). In the same way I got connected to huge existing network in Prague through Jenny, whom I connected via Devrim and Triin. That's the power of AIESEC - its global network of friends of friends' friends, and so on.

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Blogger Tee said...

how awesome!

hey and give jenny a big hug for me :)

November 07, 2006 9:32 AM  

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