April 27, 2006

concert "songs of Elles"

Elles - probably the most popular band in Kyrgyz music world, they used to be, after the death of one of their members, they fell apart. But their songs are still popular among people, and there was a concert of famous Kyrgyz singers (Aktan Isabaev, Adil Chekilov, Insan, Shantel, Maksat, Aziza, etc.) singing songs of Elles.

I went there with Ainura, Elina (AIESEC in Kyrgyzstan MCP), Shavkat (AIESEC in KG member), Sabrina (AIESEC Switzerland alumni, currently working for UN in Bishkek, I also met her there) and her friend Raul.

Aktan Isabaev, "Kaydasyn".

Aslan Isabaev, "Esimde".


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