February 14, 2006

say "wo ai ni"...

Happy valentines day for those who believe in the magic of this day, and I wish you pure love, a love that can not be replaced, a love that will never hurt you and break your heart, a love that will last for years, a love that brings respect and support, a love that turns into happy family. Amin.

p.s.: never celebrated this day in a special way, this concept is a bit far to me. Maybe I am not romantic enough, maybe I just keep it inside. But I always looked at this day as a purely commercialized event to bring some taste into this boring month of february. For us, we have 8-march, the day of our mothers, sisters, girl friends and beloved ones. We have 365 days per year to make it the day for them... theoretically.

I am going to Lantern festival tonite. :)

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