January 15, 2006

Tips for a weekend in Taipei

best way to spend your sunday:
- sleep till 11:00 am
- have a traditional taiwanese breakfast at 12:00 am (which can be accpeted as a lunch too :))
- meet 2 buddies at 1:00 pm
- arrive at Yangmingshan national park at 2:30 pm
- conquer highest peak of Yangmingshan National Park at 3:30 pm (after long and tiring hiking up there)
- visit these volcanic hills with steam coming out from the ground (many hotsprings in Yangmingshan)
- stretch your legs, relax your body and get some body treatment in outdoor hotspring pools in the evening at Xinbeitou.
- last but not the best, take a long train/bus ride home.

View of part of Yangmingshang national park from Mt.Cising Peak

On the way to the peak

Partners in crime, Luiz (Brasil) n Diego (Colombia)

View of Taipei from the peak


volcanic hill?

Steam rising from the ground

Xinbeitou hotsprings

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