January 28, 2006

time to applaud...

... dear Sharon Tan - newly elected MCP (president) of AIESEC in Singapore. I remember her as SN manager who was responsible for me in Singapore. I know her AIESEC passion, her motivation and potential, really happy she made all the way here. Good job, girl, now the most challenging part is awaiting for you.

... also Sheana - newly elected MCP of AIESEC in Taiwan.

Both are good friends, and I truly believe that they are capable of managing AIESEC in their countries, congratulations and good luck, sweeties!

Wow, it seems like I got a chance to know many presidents of AIESEC in these 2 countries, all are amazing people;
- Ying Ying, Dong Wei, Cheryl, Zafirah, Sharon from AIESEC in Singapore.
- Jessica, Vega, Mathew, Sheana from AIESEC in Taiwan.

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