December 31, 2005

Jany jylynar menen! (happy new year!)

There's a tradition of wishing good things for the new year just before it knocks the door. here's my wish;
for my family, all my friends, for all people I love and respect, for all people who loves me and respects me, and for all nice people of our planet,
I wish...
- firstly, health, as nothing can replace it
- love, as we also love other people
- happiness, as all of us deserve to be happy
- wealth, as nothing worse than being in need
- luck, as life is harder without it
- thousands of smiles, as they make us younger
- motivation towards life, as not having it loses the meaning of life
- tolerance and patience, as better days are on the way
- forgiveness of others, as others forgive us too
- hope, as when it dies all die
- peace, and again peace
- blessings of God, the most Merciful...


to summarize, for me 2005 was full of surprises. I greeted it in Singapore, first new year in tropics, then comes my life in Taiwan, I spent many amazing moments with Jane, and I am grateful for all the things she did for me, I met new good friends here, explored Taiwan more, went to Turkey to deliver my graduation project and get my degree of computer engineer. It was full of happy and stressful days, it made me grow more mature, it affected my view of life a lot, it taught me some bitter lessons. and here it is almost end of 2005, and hopefully end of many other things. 2006 promises me a lot, new country, new job, maybe new girlfriend, new friends - totally new life. but i am not that unhappy with 2005, I learnt a lot from it.
after 6 hours, it will be new year, at the same time I will be 25 years old (btw, my blog will be 1 year old :)). It's quarter of century, but no sad feelings of getting older, instead I feel I am very young and more ready for life, instead I feel that it is beginning of totally new life, a transition phase from student-minded boy to a life-minded man. in that terms, I am grateful to 2005, as it gave me a real taste of what life means.

so, again Happy Happy New Year! and please start it with a smile in your face :).

(damn! it is raining outside... what a new year's eve?! ;)))


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Blogger Ying said...

Happy belated bday nevertheless! :)

January 02, 2006 4:00 AM  

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